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A Commitment To Excellence

Genesis Construction has been a leader in custom building, renovation, remodeling, & outdoor living since 1989. Our reputation for excellence is backed by a diverse architectural portfolio of home projects in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, RTP, Chapel Hill & surrounding areas in North Carolina.

From the initial design to the final touches, we approach your project with personal consideration. Our numerous homeowner testimonials paint a clear picture of what to expect when you do business with Genesis. Our foundation is an ongoing passion for custom architectural builds designed to meet exacting standards. No matter how unconventional the project, our team follows through with their vast knowledge, experience, & professionalism. We have the utmost respect for your family and property throughout the design build process.

No matter the scale of the project, we offer you the highest grade of residential construction. Genesis does not compromise; you will receive your dream home exactly the way you imagined it.

Genesis Construction Custom Homes Owner Dax Durazzo

Dax Durazzo - Owner

A Leader In Custom Homes

Our Trusted Craftsmen, Materials, & Suppliers

Every product used in your new Genesis home or addition has been selected carefully and intentionally. We strive to use only the best components in your new custom home build, renovation, or remodeling project. Whether it be every window for a large new house or a single shutter hinge, you can trust Genesis to install exactly what you need.

This is written showcase of 26 manufacturers and suppliers which we utilize in our projects with the Genesis seal of approval. We've provided a summary of what each one means for your home; an honest explanation of our choice, the comparative benefits, or how it will safeguard and add luxury to your home. This is the result of decades of experience installing all types of products from numerous manufacturers. We've been paying close attention to separate the best from the rest.

Trex Decking - Certified TrexPro Gold Contractor logo badge

Trex Decking - Certified TrexPro Gold Contractor

Genesis Construction proudly represents Trex composite decking as a certified Trex Pro Gold contractor. Our commitment to the foremost quality in the construction of decks, screened porches, and other outdoor living elements like docks is why we use Trex decking. A Trex deck represents the very best available for your deck construction project. It has the extreme durability of plastic, but with an appearance of wood so realistic, you might not be able to tell the difference.

Trex decks are low maintenance and high luxury. You can even feel good knowing that the 95% of the advanced composite material is made from recycled plastic; with just a 500 square foot deck, you personally contribute to the recycling of over 140,000 plastic bags. For the most demanding homeowner’s next outdoor living project, Trex decking is the obvious choice. It is a product engineered without even the slightest compromise.

Jeld-Wen logo badge


There was a time when doors were made out of solid wood instead of vinyl; they were built to last and custom designed for your needs. Thankfully, Charlotte base Jeld-Wen can bring quality, practicality, and individuality back to your home with its extensive line of highly customizable doors. Jeld-Web builds for strength and elegance in all of their products, with doors being made from stunning solid wood, glass, and metal components.

Genesis Construction especially endorses the use of Jeld-Wen doors for our projects due to the extent which they can be customized. A model precisely fitting your next interior or exterior home project is always in their catalogue. They are strong enough to provide added security to your home, and highly energy efficient. Doors are usually flimsy and forgettable, but in your next building project, they could be a design centerpiece.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters logo badge

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

At Genesis, we don’t like wasting water while waiting in the bathroom for the shower or bath to heat up. That’s why we offer Navien tankless water heaters for your home’s plumbing system. With ComfortFlow, Navien tankless water heaters recirculate hot water through the pipes to your sinks, bath tub, shower, dishwasher, and anything else that needs hot water. The circulating water is conserved, ready at a moment’s notice to rush out of a tap, providing instantaneous hot water. Step right in your newly remodeled shower, and experience the power of hot water on command.

Navien heaters are a no-compromise upgrade to your home; they save energy, save water, provide instant and endless access to hot water, and more. Now you can control your Navien tankless water heater with the NaviLink for iOS and Android. Add your water heater to the smarthome lineup, and get the most out of your high performance water heater. You can even change the temperature between showers if you and your partner prefer different settings.

Gutter Guard Seamless Gutters logo badge

Gutter Guard Seamless Gutters

Climbing a ladder up to your roof and digging rotted, wet leaves out of a conventional gutter is perhaps the antithesis of luxury. Luckily, Genesis has a better plan, using Gutter Guard seamless gutters. These gutters are built in the USA with materials that withstand long term exposure with ease. No parts are plastic or vinyl, and structural components are reinforced, not glued together. Let’s build your new home or addition’s roof gutter system with Gutter Guard, so you can stay off the ladder, and enjoy your new custom home.

PEX High Performance Plumbing logo badge

PEX High Performance Plumbing

PEX plumbing is made from cross-linked polyethylene, a type of plastic tubing made from a durable, high-density material. Genesis uses PEX plumbing for all builds, renovations, and remodels of master baths, half baths, kitchens, laundry rooms, and entire custom homes; it is superior to conventional copper plumbing in every way.

PEX pipes are extremely tough; completely resistant to acid and mineral scale buildup, so your plumbing won’t degrade over time. PEX is far less taxing on the environment to produce, saves water, and has a longer lifespan than conventional copper plumbing. It also has special thermal and fluid dynamical advantages; less turbulence in the pipes and lower thermal conductivity means you get more hot water, faster.

With PEX, you can rest assured that your home’s water supply is safely contained inside durable pipes. For your next bathroom remodel, kitchen renovation, or custom build, you can trust Genesis to install safer and superior PEX plumbing. When your neighbor’s pipes have frozen and burst, you’ll be taking a hot shower, because your home has PEX.

AdvanTech Squeak-Free Technology logo badge

AdvanTech Squeak-Free Technology

Quality homes depend on quality subfloors, that’s why Genesis uses AdvanTech subflooring and subfloor adhesive. These floors are significantly stiffer, stronger, and more waterproof than industry standards. AdvanTech’s advanced full-panel water protection is critical for your home. AdvanTech stands the test of time, while common, inferior products are prone to costly failure, which requires the old, wet, rotted floors to be ripped out entirely.

We also use industry leading AdvanTech subfloor adhesive for installing subfloors. This adhesive keeps your floors firmly in place through anything nature can throw at them; no matter how wet or frozen, AdvanTech subfloor adhesive holds on tight. Best of all, this adhesive has a one of a kind feature, the industry’s only “Squeak-Free Guarantee”. In a Genesis home, your floors never squeak, crack, or even budge.

Moen logo badge


Genesis offers Moen tapware for kitchen and bathroom projects, a high quality american line of faucets and fixtures. Moen has a range of products to upgrade your new kitchen or bathroom with class, and a diverse array of design choices for sinks and showers. You’ll be unrestricted in customization, free to choose your dream master bath design, kitchen, guest bath, and everything else exactly as you want it.

In the shower, Moen offers the ultimate luxury with multi-head showers and the M-Core valve system, even shower aromatherapy with INKLY technology. In the kitchen, you can push your smarthome further with U by Moen: Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible smart faucets. At your command, dispense precise volumes of water at exact temperatures hands free, or with motion activation. Combined with Flo by Moen, you can take complete control of your home’s water system; monitor usage by appliance, and even detect and automatically stop the flow to an overfilled bathtub or sink.

Pella Windows logo badge

Pella Windows

Genesis custom home building projects are served well by the design and performance of Pella windows. With over 150 product and design patents for its countless innovations, Pella is an excellent choice for attractive, durable windows for all kinds of room and door configurations and applications. There are countless innovations across the full line of Pella products, even a smarthome enabled window line that allows you to use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to open and close blinds and shades automatically. They also have hidden security sensors available. Pella’s triple pane windows offer more than just energy efficiency; they block out 52% more noise than conventional windows. For your next home renovation or build, trust Genesis to upgrade your home with Pella windows

T&G High Strength Subflooring logo badge

T&G High Strength Subflooring

We use T&G subfloor for superior strength and durability. Its stiffened panel construction ensures your newly built or renovated floors are on a solid, stable foundation. Whether you choose hardwood, laminate, tile, or another flooring option, T&G subfloors will hold firmly. Under the most demanding load, your floors will remain fixed and level, without a creak to be heard.

You can feel good about more than just the structural performance; they are environmentally friendly as well. T&G subfloors use lumber from sustainably managed forests in British Columbia, and omit toxic chemicals like formaldehyde that can be found in lower grade products. With T&G subfloors, Genesis puts you and your family on secure, solid ground.

Mid Continent Cabinetry logo badge

Mid Continent Cabinetry

To stunningly accentuate your kitchen, bathroom, closet, or storage areas with elegant practicality, Genesis offers Mid Continent Cabinetry. With the Signature, Vista, and Pivot lines of cabinets, Mid Continent has a storage solution that fits your home needs, and your personal tastes. Your cabinetry will offer numerous quality of life features beyond the normal expectation, including fully concealed six-way adjustable hinges, full glide extension for unobstructed access, and a soft close system that draws your drawers closed without slamming. The cabinets are preferred by Genesis for their structural integrity; full solid wood construction joined with dovetails provides unmatched strength and durability.

Seasons Flooring logo badge

Seasons Flooring

For the highest quality hardwood flooring in your newly built or renovated home, Genesis offers Seasons Flooring hardwood, including the Seasons Grade Collection. Your hardwood floors will be of the highest quality hardwood or engineered wood; backed by advanced protection, it is flooring without compromise. Choose from the stunning variance and natural character of hardwood solid wood flooring, or your exact degree of uniformity in advanced engineered woods.

Seasons flooring is protected by a Husky Coats Nanotech coating, the most technically advanced finish ever developed. Your floors will shine brightly, while being protected by an aluminum oxide crystal coat of armor. The coating is so protective, it cannot even be scratched by 000 steel wool. Talk to Genesis about Seasons Flooring for your next addition, renovation, or custom home project, and get the very best in flooring aesthetics and longevity.

Shaw Carpeting logo badge

Shaw Carpeting

We utilize Shaw Floors high quality line of home carpeting for interior renovation, remodeling, and construction projects such as finished basements, living rooms, remodeled attics, master bedrooms, home movie theatres, and more. Shaw offers a plethora of color and texture choices for your new carpeting, so you can create the dream home design with ease.

For unmatched performance and practicality without concession, Shaw offers the Bellera line of carpeting. Made for everyone, but especially pet owners, Bellera carpeting by Shaw offers key features that safeguard your carpet against cats and cabernet alike. LifeGuard spill-proof backing prevents liquids from penetrating through the carpet, and also the mold that follows. Bellera has built-in Endurance high-performance fiber plus R2X Soil & Stain Resistance to prevent spills and dirt from soaking into the carpet fabric. Ask about Shaw carpeting for your next Genesis home project, and get the comfort of carpet with the cleanliness of hardwood.

Coronado Stone logo badge

Coronado Stone

For elegant exterior masonry, Genesis uses stone cladding from Coronado stone products, the oldest manufactured stone company in the country. Coronado stone brings the incredible ability to replicate a wide range of natural stone precisely; although you won’t see the difference, your budget certainly will. For your next home stone siding projects, Coronade is a solid choice to build exterior wall veneers with style and strength.

Daltile logo badge


For stunning tilework, Genesis uses Daltile products for several applications. These tiles are available in a variety of colors, designs, and materials including porcelain, ceramic, quartz, glass, and natural stone. They add beauty, class and practicality to any home; a durable protectant that’s easy to clean. We can outfit master baths with extensive custom tilework flooring, shower walls, sink and bath backsplashes, and more. Perhaps your mantle around the bathtub fireplace could use a style upgrade, and if you don’t have one, definitely give us a call.

Kohler logo badge


Kohler is another choice option for Genesis Construction’s kitchen and bathroom projects, giving you endless possibilities to customize home with style. Choose from designs ranging from the most elegant minimalism to the boldest luxury, and everything in between. Kohler offers foremost quality in a wide range of bathroom appointments; luxe shower systems, bathtubs, sinks, toilets & bidets, faucets, vanities, and more. In the kitchen, you have ample selection of sinks, tapware, and advanced water filtration system.

Your luxury home can be elevated still; Kohler offers a stunning array of products that would satisfy even the most discerning time traveler. Options include touchless and voice activated faucets, smart vanities with stunning in-glass lighting, precision digital thermostatic water temperature controls, and heated smart toilets and bidets, all with advanced controls. Your bathtubs will rival a luxury spa experience; precision controlled water output will be kept at your ideal temperature with full surface area heating, even aromatherapy. Showers appointed with voice controlled surround sound are also available. Captain Alexa, fire the water cannons.

Durock logo badge


When Genesis builds your bathroom, we thoroughly protect your new shower from leaks and mold with Durock. Durock cement board with EdgeGuard offers a strong, water-durable tile backer-board for floors, walls, countertops, bathtubs, shower areas, and exterior finishes. Enhanced proprietary edge performance prevents new installations from spinout and crumbling; expect precision sizing and perfect installation. This mold resistant tile backer is the perfect choice for tile and flooring in baths, kitchens and laundry rooms in your new construction or remodeling project. Wherever it may be, Durock keeps water in its place, and out of your walls.

Heliene Solar Panels logo badge

Heliene Solar Panels

There are serious benefits for installing solar panels on your home’s roof, garage, poolhouse, or a sunny spot on your property. That’s why Genesis offers Heliene solar panels, a high performance photovoltaic module manufactured exclusively in the USA and Canada. Heliene panels work at peak efficiency even in low light conditions, and have double-welded aluminum frames for unmatched strength while maintaining a slim, attractive profile. Offset electricity costs and be prepared for outages with Heliene; an investment for your home and the environment. Going off the grid never looked so good.

StoneCraft Engineered Stone logo badge

StoneCraft Engineered Stone

Another fine choice for exterior siding projects, StoneCraft’s commitment to craftsmanship can be seen within every textural detail. Countless hours are spent hand-chiseling each and every natural stone before they are replicated through advanced molding techniques, yielding an indistinguishably natural appearance. Engineered stones are both more economical and more environmentally friendly, as they do not have to be extracted from natural environments. For your Genesis Custom home build, StoneCraft is a rock solid choice; smart, strong, and sensible all around.

Kolbe & Kolbe logo badge

Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe constructs high quality interior and exterior doors to fit any of your architectural design needs. For your porch or patio renovation, there are multi-sliding doors that can open an astonishing 24 feet wide in an instant, turning your living room into an outdoor living showcase. For modern luxury in any home, floor to ceiling glass walls and doors up to 12 feet high are available; they can also span corners. Open up to your newly renovated deck, screened porch, patio, or outdoor living area with the highest level of class and style available. The doors are available in a variety of configurations and exotic woods, accent hardware, and colors to meet all your design needs.

Refinia By Kohler logo badge

Refinia By Kohler

We also offer Kohler’s Refinia line of tapware; outfit your new kitchen or bathroom with elegant simplicity inspired by natural form.

Atlas Pinnacle logo badge

Atlas Pinnacle

The roof is one of the most important elements of home construction; even the slightest problem and you will surely notice. That’s why Genesis is proud to use Atlas Pinnacle fiberglass shingles for home roofing build projects. They are engineered to retain their stunning color, can withstand winds up to a hurricane speed of 130mph, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If that wasn’t enough, they also include Scotchguard protection by 3M, which prevents deteriorating algae buildup and unsightly black marks. Your home’s roof is a shield against the worst of the elements; it should be reinforced by the best.

Low-E Glass logo badge

Low-E Glass

For the very best in environmental energy efficiency, Genesis uses Low-Emissivity glass, also referred to as Low-E. This glass has an advanced coating that reflects heat back inside during the winter for extra heat, and reflects it outside in the summer to cool down your home. The glass is UV ray resistant, which not only keeps your skin safe from sun damage, it also prevents your carpet, furniture, and textiles from fading in the light.

Cox Treated Decking logo badge

Cox Treated Decking

COX pressure-treated wood products are manufactured with a new generation of proven environmentally friendly preservatives safe for use around people, plants and pets. The treatment provides long-term resistance to decay and termite attack, while meeting rigorous environmental standards for safety and non-toxicity. Genesis uses COX wood for natural wood deck construction to provide the aesthetics of wood, but with greatly enhanced durability. Your home’s new or renovated deck will remain a sturdy outdoor living area for years to come.

Acorn Hardware logo badge

Acorn Hardware

Acorn window and shutter hardware is a brilliant finishing touch for an authentic, traditionally designed home. They are ideal for historic home refinishing and restorations as well as new country homes that want to achieve a proper time period look. At Genesis, we use the best hardware available to ensure homes are strong, attractive, and practical. Acorn is no exception, which is why we use their hardware when the aesthetic is right for projects involving renovations to windows and shutters.

Macon Cabinet Works logo badge

Macon Cabinet Works

Genesis understands that your custom home project should feel like a customized, personally exclusive retreat; something no one else has but you. That’s why we use family owned Macon Cabinet Works, especially for rustic inspired solid wood bars, tables, and accents. Based in Macon, Georgia, the shop proclaims to specialize in anything that has a flat surface: tables, bar tops, countertops, fireplace mantels, shelves, mantel shelves, shiplap, cabinets, and more. They source reclaimed wood filled with history and heritage; using these grains of the world’s wisdom they build furnishings and appointments with the utmost craftsmanship. For solid wood projects, ask about Macon, especially if the word “slab” is ingrained in your vocabulary.

Clear-Vue Glass Raleigh logo badge

Clear-Vue Glass Raleigh

A locally trusted name, Clear-Vue has delivered the best in glass products with expertise, experience, and quality. They have served the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, and research triangle park communities since 1963. Genesis is proud to work with local businesses that share our mission of quality, and Clear-Vue is a prime example. They have the finest quality and widest array of architectural and decorative glass that can take your custom home project to the next level.